The Gypsy Series: A Long Goodbye

I am not quite ready to leave my fond memories in Arizona.  I have a place in my soul that will always long for her. Before we leave here for our journey to begin to New Mexico let us linger a little longer in the Grand Canyon State. I am going to reminisce on one of the final weeks I had in Arizona before we hit the road to New Mexico.

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

After learning of the relocation I made a list of things that I needed to see before I left.  A friend of mine was visiting one of her friends in San Diego and decided on her return flight back to North Carolina that she would spend a week layover with us.  I took this as an opportunity to share with her the beauty I had found in the state, plus visit the remaining items on my list since my husband was now spending most of his time in New Mexico working. The day she arrived Phoenix was experiencing a dust storm which detoured her flight to Tucson for four hours.  By the time we made it to back to Flagstaff it was 3 am.  Everyone was exhausted and it went without words that our plans for the next day might change.

The weekend she arrived on was Forth of July weekend.  I planned to spend it in Sedona since the surrounding area had a no firework policy in effect due to the dry desert heat and high wild fire risk.  In Sedona they do a laser light show at night, play live music and have several activities and shops to check out before hand. I had been to Sedona before in a camping and hiking capacity, but never to explore it’s unique culture.  It is a very quaint, artsy town with a breathing taking view surrounding the city.  We swam, shopped, ate and set up a picnic on the local high school’s football field only to be rained out before the laser show began.  Not even the rain could wash away the beauty and adventure we found that weekend.

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.

Cathedral Rock is a famous landmark on the Sedona, Arizona skyline, and is one of the most-photographed sights in Arizona, USA. Cathedral Rock is located in the Coconino National Forest in Yavapai County, about a mile west of Arizona Route 179, and about 2.5 miles south of the

During the week we found ourselves at Meteor Crater, a crater created about 50,000 years ago during the Pleistocene Epoch, at an ancient Puebloan cliff dwelling called Montezuma Castle and of course The Grand Canyon.  There was no possible way that I could leave Arizona without visiting the Grand Canyon.  I lived a little over an hour from it in town that wiki describes as “the gateway to the Grand Canyon.”  It was the main attraction for the week.  We packed a cooler and took off for the canyon stopping along the way at interesting road side attractions that caught our eye.  After arriving we headed straight to the main attraction.  I was not disappointed by this 277 mile long fissure, it is after all one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. I ended up returning one more time before officially leaving Arizona. It was too exquisite to only see once in a lifetime.

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.

South rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. This is so spectacular to see in person. Photos cannot capture the magnitude of beauty and awe in this place.:

By the weeks end I had shown her as much as I could and our kids would allow.  We spent the end of her trip shopping around town, checking out the western shops in the area.  There are many things that you can find in the South West that are unavailable anywhere else in the country, but luckily with my move to New Mexico I would not have to say good bye to the culture and stories of the South West yet.


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