The Gypsy Series: Home at Last

When I first entered into the town I felt nervous, overwhelmed, and cramped.  The town, population of 8k, had narrower roads than I would have expected with houses lining them right up to the edges.  The houses are all older, historic, worn, and yet capture a unique beauty of a quaint, magical town you would see in movies.  As my GPS brought me closer to my house I felt extreme anticipation and disappointment.  I thought we would enter through a neighbor front entrance. It was not until two days later that I realized that the town does not have separate developments, but instead one giant community.  It took me those two days to fall in love. My Gypsy soul was being tested.

I have always considered myself a free spirit with a Gypsy soul. Surrendering gratefully to where ever life takes me.

I had arrived at the house sooner than I thought I would. The movers had changed their estimated moving date up by a week.  It took away from my plans of visiting my family and friends in North Carolina before arriving.  I arrived only to find out that they would not be able to deliver on the date they stated.  I was left with no water, no gas, no heat, and no husband in an empty house.  The girls and I camped out in our sleeping bags in Thing’s future room. Since we arrived later than city hall was opened we would not be able to turn on the things we needed until the next day.

Colors of Fall Ѽ Autumn ♥ ༻✿ڿڰۣ ♥ NYrockphotogirl ♥༻Country road:

Before we knew it we were overwhelmed with unpacking boxes.  We have more house than we do stuff and yet not as much storage as we did before. Our plans of correcting this issue seem to grow everyday and we cannot seem to prioritize our list!  Luckily we have this fantastic garage that will serve as a workshop for our woodwork, knives, and sheaths!  So many plans and all the time in the world to fullfill them.  Although I am overly excited and impatient for some!

Everyone in the house has a dedicated space that belongs just to them.  Right now I am writing from my office which shares it’s space with no one.  It is away from the living and family rooms, wedged between the kitchen and dining room.  We actually use our dinning room as a main eating space/kid crafting and coloring room.  I did not know how amazing it would be until tonight.  I was able to cook dinner while watching the kids paint in the dinning room and surf the web.

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful. Or believe to be beautiful.

I am overwhelmed by the beauty that I have found here.  It is amazing how trees can be exciting.  I have longed for the colors they show in cooler temperatures and have found their beauty all over again. Everyday I walk my kids to and from school finding happiness every leaf pile passed.


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