Adjusting to Spills

Good morning or afternoon to all those joining me on the East Coast.  I am settling down to have some coffee as I transition from upstairs to downstairs.  It is Sunday which means obsessive cleaning day.  I call it obsessive because I clean the house a little bit everyday.  I sweep the floors daily, I vacuum daily, I wipe down all the surfaces daily, but on Sundays I go nuts.   Let me define nuts.  By nuts I mean I rearrange all the furniture to ensure that I can clean up everything underneath it, I toss off the couch cushions and vacuum out the couch and I clean the thing I hate the most – Bathrooms.  The worse part about this house is that I have three full bathrooms to clean!  Talk about torture!  I can not wait for the girls to be old enough to do it.  I did the math, three kids and three baths, ah perfection.

The worse part about today is that it is the 2nd time that I have managed to break my make-up while cleaning the bathroom.  I am not one of those girls who fills up all the bathroom cabinets space with silly things like make-up.  The truth is my make-up use is very minimal.  A little powder, blush and mascara and I am ready to hit the road.  The only time I vamp it up a little is when I am going out at night with friends or on a date with my husband, but lets be honest, I have not done either one of those things in over 2 years.  Foolishly I have  been keeping it in a make-up bag on the edge of a shelf that is easily disturbed when I am cleaning making it easy to knock over breaking up the compacted embellishments I add to my face.  Perhaps this is my lesson finally learned, but we shall see.

Built-in shelving for the bathroom:

I have noticed some struggles occurring in the house.  A lot of things have changed and my family is still in an adjustment period.  We have started getting into a routine, but it is not as together as we wanted.  Mainly the girls have been forced to be separated in school.  Due to state requirements there was not a class that was big enough to house both the girls together.  We were forced to separate them, which I believe has lead to some uneasiness.  The girls go out of the way to try and impress the other as if they were in competition with the friends in each of their classrooms.  It also does not help that the Girl Scouts troop that we have located are not as active as our previous troop.  This new troop only meets two times a month and have limited weekend activities.  Before we moved we saw our troop 6 to 8 times a month. Hopefully I can help encourage more activity.


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