Transitioned to Surrender

I can feel it happening.  The pain day by day intensifies and new symptoms are added.  It began with the feeling of taking a few good punches in my kidneys followed by some facial pressure.  Now my ears ache, my face is beginning to drain and a light cough has tickled the back of my throat.  I mentioned before that the family had Strep at the beginning of the month, everyone but me, but even on the antibiotics one by one they started to show signs of having an invasion of something else.

The worse thing about viruses is that you really can not do anything about them.  Everyone else in the house started to show symptoms when they were still on their courses of antibiotics.  If that did not deter it from beginning it only means that we are in the long haul of letting it run its course. I hate this helpless feeling of forced surrender.

I give up! I can't pretend even a little bit that is it okay to be without you. I am hopelessly, truly, head over heels in love with you. My life can't continue until the day we are actually together:

The weather here has finally begun to do it’s transitioning.  It has been up and down, cold and hot, windy and calm.  I am sure this confused season is not aiding in our growing illness, but I have started to see on the weather that it should be remaining cold, windy and a chance of snow for the rest of the season.  In fact it is suppose to snow tomorrow!  I love the snow!  I would really enjoy to have a white Thanksgiving, but if not I will settle for a white birthday the following week.

The other annoying part of this weather is that the town seems to be losing it’s power, phone lines, and internet connections.  I have heard of whole sections of our town and the two neighboring towns going down for a couple of hours.  They say that it is extremely common in this area to have power outages throughout the winter season.  It can go out for minutes, hours, or days.  Our own electricity has dropped a couple times, only for a few minutes, but it is warning us to prepare for winter.  I have also noticed that as the wind thrashes harder my internet weakens.  I just want to be able to play a game on my PC without issues!  Small town issues.

TheRustedChain - The Blog: Red White and Blue flying high on the Farm...:

I am keeping it light today, with mild complaining, but I am preparing for the holiday season and working on fixing all the little things that seem to keep going wrong or breaking.  It is all the normal things that come with buying a new house and creating a new routine.  I am sure we have not seen the end of it, but for now I shall decorate and prepare.  Winter is coming.


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