Wrapped up in Themselves: Part 2

At the time I was a smoker.  I spent most of my time at the party sitting on the back patio with a cigarette and beer in my hand.  I didn’t dance so you didn’t catch me in the main rooms of the house.  I was only lured inside because a boy that I began dating a few months back had showed up.  We only dated a couple weeks, but it ended horribly because of a small misunderstanding.  Short version is that I drank too much one night and a male friend of mine let me sleep on his couch.  I was trying to go back to the guy I was dating’s room, who lived across the hall from the other guy, but he wasn’t home. Nothing happened, but it was never believed to be true. Oh well. I lost a childhood teddy bear and a beloved Penn State hat due to that misunderstanding.

Never speak from a place of hate, jealousy, or insecurity. Evaluate your words before you let them leave your lips. Sometimes it is best to be quiet.

He was older than me and brought a friend over who was tall and attractive.  The friend was 25.  When I first realized that the underage daughter of the house was at the party was when I noticed the 25 year old friend making forward advances at her.  I immediately cut in and sent her upstairs to her room.  I would have sent her back to the neighbors across the street, but they were under the belief that she was invited to be at the party and the smell of alcohol was strong on her breath.  A few moments later I found the 25 year old sitting on her bed with her.  Once again I removed him from the situation and decided to inform him that he was hitting  on a 16 year old, despite her older appearance.  The 16 year old looked older than I did, which unfortunately is a horrible thing for a girl in this situation.  He did back down, but she would never forgive me.  I learned later that she was hoping to lose her virginity to him.

The best pumpkin beers...according to Lee Breslouer.  I don't know if I agree, plus limiting yourself to one beer per brewery cuts out a lot of good pumpkin beers from Elysian.:

The next morning we began to clean up the house knowing that the home owners would be home later that evening.  We tided up the best we could and the house was spotless.  We talked to the young girl about the evening and managed to get our stories straight.  She had informed us that she had lost her virginity to the 17 year old boy that she brought with her and that the main reason she came to the party was because she felt she was ready and wanted to get her first time over with.  Disappointing in her choices we said nothing.  We believed that a 16 year old girl was capable of making this decision on her own.  I was only a couple years older than she was and could understand her point of view.

The homeowners returned. Everything seemed fine until my friend received a phone call a few hours after they had unpacked.  A condom was found under the bed of the 16 year old.  When they asked who used the room we didn’t lie, but instead suggested that they have a conversation with their daughter.  Worst decision ever.

When I think back I wish that I would have screamed that it was my condom or my friends.  That I was the one who thought of using a 16 year old’s bed as my play pen, but I didn’t and that isn’t how it went.  Instead the 16 year old said that she felt peer pressured her into having sex that night by us. That my friend and I sent the boy up to her room to help facilitate the deed.    I had no idea that this was said until I learned that I had a warrant out for my arrest.

Make sure that everyone in your boat is rowing and not drilling holes when you’re not looking.





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