Foggy Disaster

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend!  I know that we enjoyed ours!  Thanksgiving means counting down to all our December events!  My birthday is on the 6th, the twins on the 12th, and then we prepare for Christmas!  We also have a Girl Scout ceremony and a parade to be apart of this weekend!  I have to make the girls into giant presents! So much to do, so many dollars disappearing, but let us talk about today!

These are just gorgeously wrapped the colors:

Today I dropped the girls off at school and drove 2.5 hours to visit my husband who has been working out of town the past few days.  They asked him to stay a few extra days, but in order to do so he would need more things.  We weighed the trip against the overtime that would be gained, deciding it was a no brainer, and I signed up for the adventure. Me and Thing began our journey by entering the destination into the GPS.

The night before I had done a little Google Mapping to get an idea of how long the journey would actually be.  When I looked I noticed there were three different possibilities to go, all being about the same or within a ten minute window.  I decided to leave it up to fate, the GPS, to decide the best course of action.  I am not sure that was the wisest decision.

The trip began with us crossing through our closest mountain town.  This town is a gateway to ski resorts and all winter, hiking activities that you can imagine.  It is the outdoors man’s dream!  We then turned on to the next road, the only road, that we would be on our whole trip.  Seemed easy enough until I realized that the road would twist and turn and loop and make maneuvers no car should ever make.  Add in the rain, sleet, and eventual snow as we climbed the mountain trail and it became a swirling disaster.  Thing was already feeling the effects.

Almost heaven, west Virginia,  blue ridge mountain, stranger to the sea....:

It was beautiful at least.  We passed many ski resorts, waterfalls, a Civil War battlefield, other historic landmarks, and followed the natural flow of the river as it bended to our destination.  The fog rolled down heavy and thick causing me to drop my speed tremendously, and as it became more dense the turns became steeper.  The next thing I knew I was throwing my husband’s things out of the bag we brought them in tossing to the back seat to allow Thing to let it all out.  Gross.

She stared at me with watery eyes holding the bag asking when we could stop.  The roads were thin without shoulders and towns had been few and far between, but within minutes a gas station emerged.  It is as if the roads heard our cries.  We pulled over and tossed out the bag of vomit only to realize that I put it in the wrong trash can.  The one I placed it in was for animal waste, road kill, and leftovers from hunting.  No you could not pay me enought to dig a bag of vomit out of a barrel of death. Needless to say we drove home a different way.


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