Lost in the Snow

I had a whole post written that I started on Friday, added a little more to it on Saturday and finished it this morning, but when I went to post it it was lost. Ugh. Stupid phone app.  I will not lie – it was witty, fun, heart warming with a side of anger and sass.  I had obscure movie refrences that few would understand. All in all it was a magical post. I decided to not try and rewrite it, but to inform you of it’s unicorn like status. Instead I shall recap my weekend with “stormageddon.” 

We already had snow on the ground before the blizzard hit. I would say we had about five inches on the ground when panic had set into the town and grocery shelves began to empty.  Schools had been doing a delayed start a couple days due to extremely cold tempatures and than did a 2 hour release on Wednesday. Basically I sent my kids to school for lunch on that day!  Moments after they delayed the schools on Wednesday they cancelled for Thursday and Friday. 

In light of the school calls I knew that I should prepare for worse case scenarios. All was going well until I found myself stranded on a hill with a new flat tire! This tire flattened hours after recieving a patch for a nail at the dealership.  I am guessing with the cold tempatures it caused the patch to blow out, but don’t expect the dealership to take the blame for it. Luckily I have insurance for this, or so I thought.  It took over 14 hours for them to provide me with assistance to fix my car.  I would have changed the tire myself, but the hill was much to steep for my jack. In the process of fixing my tire they broke the case my spare full tire was encased in on the back. Now I am forced to work with the insurance again to file a claim for the damages. Ugh. 

By Saturday morning we had 3.5 feet of fresh snow on the ground and the girls were thrilled! It was too soft to build anything great out of it yet, but we managed with some snow angels and creating our own sledding track to ride on! It was still snowing and extremely cold as we played, but we lasted hours outside.  Today we made up for some of the things we did not do yesterday.  The girls really wanted to build a snowman, but unfortunately it is not the best thing to do with snow so deep. Instead we built two snow forts with rooms and snowball supplies! They are pretty awesome! I managed to shovel everything and my body now aches. I pulled a muscle in my back too, but at least we will get mail tomorrow! School has been cancelled again for tomorrow so we will be able to put those forts into snow ball battle mode!!



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