Productive Days

I am sorry for the post that I removed late last week.  I was using this as an outlet to vent and felt that some of the comments received were a little to hard to hear so I removed it.


But on to today….

Sunset in the Alps by Urska Majer via Flickr:

I have had a lot going on this past week.  I have managed to be more productive in the past three days than I have in the past 6 months.  On Monday I called all the daycare/preschools/pre-k programs in the area to get an idea of what needed to be done to get Thing started in the fall. It was a good thing I did this now because I learned that in order to get her into the Pre-K program run by the school she would attend Kindergarten for I need to attend the registration that happens the first week of March.  I also found out about some awesome after school programs and summer camps that go on in this town!  Great things to register for in case I ever needed a place for the girls to go to.  You only pay for the day that you use and the summer camp does field trips, pool time, and other fun activities!  It is nice having the knowledge of a reliable, affordable place for the girls to go in case I ever needed one!

I have been exchanging emails with the admissions counselor at the local university explaining my educational goals.  She offered me guidance on the best program and way to go about reaching these goals.  Yesterday I wrote my first essay in ten years, an optional personal statement for my admissions and filled out my application.  I do not understand why someone would not write an optional personal statement when those quick worlds could grant you sympathy, compassion, hope, or that extra push to acceptance.  I submitted it all yesterday to the admissions counselor and now we wait for my transcripts to arrive before it goes into full review.  She stated that once the transcripts arrive I should have my answer in 2-3 weeks.  Fingers crossed.

I also have been looking into some community programs.  I am told that I should try and be more social and less of a hermit.  I do not mind being a hermit – in fact I rather enjoy it.  I do not like making new friends.  I am horrible at spur of the moment introductions and find it easier to make friends in a work environment or through a similar activity.  I am looking into playing a sport in the spring/summer.  Maybe I will surprise myself and make some friends doing that.  There is also the option of getting more involved with a church.  This area is  highly religious and most people I have had casual conversation with mention the church they belong to.  I am not sure that I am fully interested in joining a church, but I would like my children to have some exposure so that they can have some basic knowledge for their future decisions.

Source: auparadis, via exquisite-serenity):

Today is a snow day.  I should say snow week!  We have only gone to school on Monday.  The snow is slowly accumulating each day by 3-5 inches.  Today we have up to 8 inches on the ground with it to continue to pile on day by day till next Wednesday.  We could have a couple feet on our hands before we know it.  I do not really understand why they keep calling school out when the town has done a really good job at keeping the roads clear.  It makes it hard for me to believe that this town really is used to having this kind of snow.  I know that I have been shoveling daily to keep the snow from overwhelming my car, sidewalks, driveways and steps.  I do want the mailman to keep dropping off all these sweet valentines cards that are coming it!



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