Baking Guns

Good morning, or should I say afternoon?  Our long Valentine’s weekend has ended and the girls are finally back in school.  Last night brought down rains that melted away a large amount of snow clearing the roads for early morning driving.  We had a fun, game filled, relaxed weekend.  We were unable to do our original weekend plans due to the weather, but we made the best of it indoors.

The girls have been showing a lot of fascination with cooking.  When we were crossing the country and staying in a different hotel each night we would find ourselves watching the Food Network channel.  At the time it had holiday contests involving pumpkins and spooky desserts.  This introduction to food television turned into a hunt for more cooking shows on Netflix and Hulu.  We started with Cupcake Wars and became addicted to Masterchef Junior. Now the girls take turns picking out meals to cook being involved with the process from prep to plating.  It is pretty fun!  Maybe in another year or so I will not have to cook dinner anymore?  One can only wish!

Filled with a tangy lemon cream cheese and topped with an unbelievable triple-berry sauce, these stunning crepes are a dream for any spring brunch!:

Other than cooking all weekend I am shamed to say that I spent a good chunk of my days, evenings, and nights exploring new video games.  I normally do not waist away my days playing games, even though I would not mind to do so, but this weekend we decided that we would explore for a new game that we, my husband and I, could casual play together without any real time commitments or restraints.  Too many games require too much of your attention, everyday play, or a time period to be allotted for it.  Scheduling out time does not bother me as much as the need for continuous play.  Plus, I have been feeling a little anger towards my everyday go to game with it’s new ranking system.  I just feel like I am a better player than what it starts you at, but to get out of those lame ranks you have to deal with people who really have no care or commitment.  I just feel that if I am going to play a game that has a ranking system I would like to have fun with other players who are semi-serious.  I do not get to play all day or often so those couple rounds a week I do play I would like progress to occur.  STOP playing like children!

That pretty much sums up my weekend minus the daily job searching I have been doing.  I am trying to find something to do part time when the girls are away in school to fill a few hours a week with something to do and bring in extra money for splurging.  I am not feeling too picky about what I may get as long as the hours are what I am looking for.  I am sure that I will find a match for me in a reasonable amount of time!





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