Lights Out

We have been having a rough week as far as the weather goes. It has been cold, the winds shake the house, the rain turns to ice and then snow and then back to rain again, all while the power struggles to stay on.  Losing power for hours at a time is a whole other story when it happens at night in extreme low temperatures.  The first time we lost power was two nights ago.  It was below freezing temperatures and happened unexpectedly – as if it was any other way.  We stayed up gathering our flashlights while adding extra blankets to the girls as they slept knowing that the house would grow colder the longer the power stayed out.  It lasted only 3 hours making a small, but noticeable temperature change.

We went to bed early last night because everyone felt a wave of extreme sleep deprivation.  It was probably due to the readying of materials and worry of warmth from the night before.  As we slept the power went out.  No one had realized that it was out until the alarms woke us for school and work.  The house had dropped 16 degrees from it’s normal 67 degree setting.  The chill set in seconds after leaving the warmth of the bed and the children scurried back under their blankets as soon as they saw the heating vents were not blowing.

The girls went to school and my husband to work, which neither had t lost power or heat.  It was a small relief that the girls would at least be warm while the house waited to be turned back on.  As for me and Thing we stayed on the couch under numerous blankets while we read stories. After an hour and a half she passed out on my shoulder.  The power returned 30 minutes later.  The house slowly began to warm up.

“Whatever you are doing, with whomever you are speaking, whether you are going somewhere or sitting, let your mind be with the Lord. You will forget yourself, and stray from this path; but again turn...:

We have many provisions ready for extreme situations.  In fact we have enough storage of food and water to last our family of five for up to two months if rationed appropriately, and that does not even include the regular food in the pantry, fridge and freezer.  We have always been a little bit doom and gloom what-if worse case scenario survivor prepper types.   Bug out bags, B.O.B., are prepared for everyone in the family.  Some may call it extreme, but I like to be ready for worse case scenarios.  You never know what will happen this day and age.  Plus the most extreme, scary, devastating events tend to be the most unexpected ones.

The trouble is, you think you have time. – Buddha




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