An Open Letter to all Parents (and to be)…

Dear Parents and Future Parents,

Please have enough sense and respect to not send your child to school when they have an illness or other annoying, pesky ailment like lice.  I understand that many of you work and “can’t afford” to keep your kids home from school, but some situations demand you to do so.  Also, read up on your federal and state laws because you have more power than you realize with taking off for a family member.

For those of you who were unaware of the situation – I understand, but once you have learned of it kindly send an email, text, or make a quick phone call to the school, the teacher or the school nurse so that they can better prepare parents in the classroom of what is being spread around.  I also understand most things can not fully prevent an outbreak in your classroom, because it is too late, but some knowledge would help keep my anger and stress levels down.  Not to mention it will remind me to take the time to remind my children proper etiquette in the classroom. I teach these three simple rules:

  1. If you touch anyone at all you better wash your hands. In fact, just do not touch anyone.
  2. If you feel a sneeze breeze your way quickly run through the anti-contamination zone. If your school does not have an anti-contamination zone the chem lab should be able to assist you with different types of showers.
  3. Hiding is an option.  Just hide in the corner of your classroom until you smell the sweet overwhelming smell of disinfectant.

For those of you living in a state where it is not required for you to report that your child has contracted Lice, shame on you for keeping it quiet.  I understand that it is disgusting, embarrassing, and a plague on your house, but not informing others will just keep the viscous spread circle in full swing.  An Example:

Today I learned that my child had lice.  I confirmed with the doctor and have now begun the painful process of monkey picking through three little girls hair, spraying down all the upholstery, and washing everything on the extremely slow sanitizing option on the washing machine.  I called the school to inform them of the situation asking if they have heard anything going around and if so why were the parents not notified.  I was met with a snarky response from the school nurse about how it is not required.  I then told her, “Well if I was aware that there was an outbreak going on I might not have encouraged my kids to rub their heads on everything.” My sarcasm was not appreciated. I guess I should just go down there playing Willow Smith and whip my hair at her.  We will see how she likes the surprise attack!



An Unhappy First Time Lice Parent




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