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I believe we are in the clear of our previous pesky situation.   Nine days after my discovery of those nasty creepy crawlers the school issued a letter home speaking to numerous outbreaks throughout different classrooms.  They also started sending the nurse to each class to do head checks.  I guess late is better than never, but let us move on because just the thought of this is making my head itch.

This week we are facing new challenges such as broken air conditioner units, online surveys, and checks.  We learned that our AC was not working properly when the house was at 77 degrees inside and it was set for 68.  We had not realized that an issue existed   before because the outside air that was pushing through the vents was always 5-7 degrees cooler than inside the house.   After a technician came out to take a look the fix was on the lighter end of things price wise, but unfortunately since our system is old, outdated, and uses parts no longer regularly produced it is only a matter of time that it will demand a whole system replacement. Hopefully the fix that put an unwanted expense in our budget lasts until the next season when we can better prepare for a whole system replace.  I mean the current one is 20 years old.

Clean and Prep Your AC Unit Now Before It Gets Hot >> http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/maintenance-and-repair/cleaning/10-easy-steps-to-keep-your-air-conditioning-unit-running-smoothl?soc=pinterest:

I have spoken openly about my dislike of my current Girl Scout troop.  I loved my old troop, the activities, the involvement with the outdoors, community and the constant communication to the parents that I only assumed that a new troop would offer the same thing.  I was wrong and have missed out on some exciting events that was going on locally that my new troop forgot to remind us about or even mention.  I learned through Facebook that troops from surrounding areas where coming to events in town, but we had not been informed!  I decided that I am fed up with the lack of communication, activities, and lack or teaching my girl’s important life values and structure of an organization that Girl Scouts is suppose to offer my kids and started reaching out to a neighboring active troop.  Our current troop has only one other active girl, the others come and go as they please, and this is not the attitude I want from a troop! Plus I would like to be able to connect with some of the mom’s as well!  So I have been invited to check out a new troop’s meeting and hopefully making the switch A.S.A.P., but before I leave I completed my yearly review of my troop for the council’s survey in an alarming and negative manner.  Hopefully they will correct this local troop and employ a leader who inspires young girls.

As far as checks go – I ordered my first set!  I never ordered checks before (I always made my husband do it) and did not realize how easy it was to do through online banking.  I can not believe I let it get down to the last two checks before diving in and figuring this out!  I feel a bit more grown up and before you ask why I need checks in this day and age just remember I live in a small, remote, old fashion town where checks and cash are more common than little chips in cards!





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