Monkeying Around

So the AC fix turned out to be a lie.  The next day when it was running after being fixed the house still managed to reach 75 degrees on the inside.  When I went outside to take a look at the unit I discovered that it was completely frozen over.  I decided to turn it off let it de-thaw and then try again the next day.   Within an hour it was completely frozen over again. I gave them a call and they came out the next day to inform me that there were other leaks besides the one they initially found.  Being that our system is 20 years old it seemed pointless to keep sinking money into a machine already on its last leg, last foot, heck, pinky toe.  We opted to replace the unit, but not without a few requests to be followed first.

After a slightly heated conversation we got the AC company to deduct the costs that we already placed into the old unit a couple days earlier.  We also got them to deduct the cost of labor and taxes.  After all they did claim that they checked and rechecked the system assuring us that we should not have any further issues in the foreseeable future and certainly not the next day.  The overall install went well and both parties left on a positive note, even if all these type of guys are con-artists.

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The other day at school my Princess came home after an accident on the playground.  She was using the monkey bars, lifting her body up over with her hands, and lost balance.  She came down hitting her chin and lower teeth on the bar while landing hard on her back.  She chipped a tooth, a permanent tooth, plus gained some new bumps and bruises.  We went to the dentist and all 4 of the bottom teeth were a little bit more mobile than they should be.  He told us that since her teeth are relatively new they wiggle a bit on their own and that the gums could just be swollen and bruised making them more mobile.  We have to go back in a week to make sure that the teeth have not changed colors or worsen. For the chip he wants to fix it at her next cleaning once the gums have had a chance to completely heal.  Our appointment is tomorrow to re-check the teeth and as far as I can tell we have lucked out!



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