Summer Planning

I have done it again.  I fell off the side of the road and been letting the wind blow away all my thought bubbles of writing to you.  I have been occupied family wise. The weather has been insane.  Nice days and rainy days, but now that the weather is starting to warm up we are trying to fit in more outdoor activities!  This is exciting because I get to get out of the house a bit more, my winter blues are lifting away, and hopefully I can lose the extra weight that I had put on.  Once again I am dieting, well really not again, but instead picking right back up where I left off and it feels so good!  I have kicked my growing caffeine habit down a few notches before it started to take control of me!  This time I had no headaches or real crabbiness associated with the decrease!

I will back track a bit to Mother’s day weekend.   We had family come in and spend it with us.  It was an overall good weekend!  We took the girls to the wildlife center and hiked around while checking out all the animals.  Most of the animals have recently given birth and some of the adorable babies were out for viewing!  Unfortunately they did not have the snakes out due to temperatures.  Speaking of snakes we have come to an agreement about purchasing one for the house.  Princess has been asking for one for a little over a year and with summer coming it would be a good time to add it to our house while teaching the girls the maintenance that comes with it.  It is not my first choice of a pet, but it is a convenient one with all the hiking and camping trips we have planned.

Elakala Falls Blackwater Falls State Park West Virginia #USA:

I have started to put into motion summer activities, plans, and events!  The first week of  June we are heading to a cabin in the mountains where we will meet up with Karp and our dad!  It will be the first time in years that all of us have been in the same place at the same time together!  The girls are super excited and it worked out perfectly with my husbands work schedule.  It is the first vacation planned that he can actually be a part of!  The location has many hikes, trails, fishing, swimming, and other awesome activities that we are guaranteed to have a great time!  I also found the local pool and have been planning out swim lessons for the girls and day passes to hang out when ever we want to go.  I am still calculating whether or not it would be more cost efficient to get a season pass or pay for the books they sell.  It really depends how often the girls will want to go.   Princess came home with a sign up for cheer camp this summer and we decided to sign up all the girls.  My Sunshine girl is not really that interested, but I think that it would be good to expose her to it to make sure that it is not her thing.  Besides, it was only $35 dollars for a week of cheer camp!




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