Fresh Strawberries

We have had an extremely busy week.  This past week was the Strawberry Festival!  In this small town everything stops and pauses for nine days around this event.  The festival has food trucks, parades, eating contests, pageants, live music, crafts, kid events, contests, games and a carnival.  Each day of the week offers something new and exciting to do.  After taking a look at the schedule I determined which days we would enjoy the most.  Our first event was on Thursday and we were in the Junior Parade!  The girl scouts had their own float for all the troops in the county and we got to ride in it!  It seems exciting, but my girls were a little bored sitting on a float for two plus hours waving at everyone.  Thing however enjoyed it because she got to run around the side and back of the float helping the older scouts throw candy into the crowd.

Sweet fresh stawberry on the wooden table by Oxana Denezhkina on 500px:

The next day we chose to go was Friday!  The schools let all the kids out at noon in order to enjoy the activities at the festival!  We decided that this was the day that we would spend the money on arm bands for the carnival, play the games, eat the extremely bad but fun festival food, and get a chance to hang out with all the other parents who had the same idea to go right after school.   We managed to hang out with a bunch of different parents and kids from the girls classes.  I let them stay about 5 hours riding every ride multiple times before we packed up and walked back to the house.  We had decided to walk to the event because all the roads were shut down up to two blocks from my house so it seemed pointless to drive.  It took us about 20 minutes to get home and allowed us 45 minutes to decompress before we went to the next event – the Fireman’s Parade.

The Fireman’s Parade was the parade that all the kids wanted to go to!  Who doesn’t like big red, yellow, vintage, or new firetrucks?  Plus it had all the other types of emergency vehicles in it as well!  The girls received fireman hats from the local police and eagerly awaited for all the noisy trucks to come! The highlight of the parade besides the trucks and hat full of candy the girls collected from the cars was that Marshall was in it!  I do mean Marshall from Paw Patrol!  It is only Thing’s favorite show and characters ever!  I mean technically Chase is her favorite, but Marshal is in her top 3!

Marshall - PAW Patrol Wiki - Wikia:

When Saturday rolled around we decided to next stay around and watch the final parade, but to go fishing instead.  The girls had reached their fill with the two days that we chose to go to and wanted a change of pace.  Besides, we have more strawberries than we know what to do with!


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