Flowered Ink

I am left with a blank as to what I wanted to write to you about.  In a sleep state I woke glimpsing a blurry idea to fill your minds with in the morning, but for hours as I sipped my coffee I struggled with the search of this idea.  Haven’t yet to find it I have decided to push aside my frustration and write about something else.

fountain pens, yes I use one, and yes I write classically by pen, even letters! Most of my writing is done by hand... pictures of said writing to come!

I had this English professor in college whose name, on the tip of my tongue, I am also struggling to remember.  He was intriguing and impacted my writing in many ways.  He embraced my oddities, encouraged my darker topics, and supported my bizarre yet fun interests.  Never did he tell me that what I decided to write about was inappropriate, because to him nothing could be.  He was a practicing Shaman showing me some of his books when we had meetings in his office.  He would joke about the images or sayings on my shirts I would wear to his class when I would first enter the classroom. Sadly he left the year that I had discovered him to move onto another University making this one class the only chance I was able to learn by him.

This Professor was quick to point out the things that I already knew were flawed about my writing and worked with me trying to improve them. Any and every writer has their flaws, just some stand out more than others.   I am not a flowery writer.  As you have observed here this flaw of mine has never truly gone away, but sometimes hides a little more than it used to.  I do not feel the need to dress up scenery and settings with words to sentences to paragraphs to pages.  I write simply calling a tree what it is a tree.  If it’s branches are winding and whimsical than the tree is winding and whimsical.  The need for me to elaborate more on this does not exist. It is perhaps the main reason I could never write a 200 page plus novel.

On another note I am great at technical writing.  I am a master at research papers and can edit others work with great ease. I guess all I can do is keep practicing and sticking to blog ideas that may challenge this “flaw” about myself.  I mean there is always just embracing it!

Write for yourself and not what you think people want to read.



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