A Forgotten Pledge

I made a promise to myself that I would be more active in writing, but over the past month I have found myself consumed with trivial things and things not worth mentioning.  I lacked the creativity to just yammer on about random, seemingly pointless topics until now.


Over this last month we have managed to do many things.  The girls won a Corn Hole set due to their participation and reading log at the library.  I managed to get sunburned numerous occasions despite my extreme use of sunscreen at the pool.   I spent a few sleepless nights in my hammock while backpacking through the West Virginia mountains because a deer rammed into my hammock at night scaring me half to death.  We adopted a new member to our family who was abandoned by my neighbors when they moved out of their house.  Lots of other little things and big things have happened, but lets start with the cat.

I have longed to have a pet for years and this feeling only increased after having to give away our ferrets due to my husbands allergies to them.  One night while I was grilling I heard small constant cries outside only to discover a small, scared, black cat.  This cat would run at any fast movement.  Heck the cat would run at any small movement.  The cat was frightened and rightfully so.  His previous owners were evicted from the apartment over the garage they were renting across the street.  They had a cat who recently had kittens and during the moving process they lost one outside and where unable to catch him.  Their solution was to leave him behind.  I spent four days feeding the cat hoping to gain some trust, but he would only eat when I was far away and spent most of his time sleeping on top of the left front tire of my car.  The only time you would not hear him crying was when he was sleeping, otherwise it was constant.

Each time I fed the cat I would move the bowl closer and closer to the porch and eventually placed it at the front door.  On the day that I noticed him eating by the door I decided to leave it open.  After about an hour I heard the constant high pitched crying.  It sounded close so I ventured to the porch searching for him deciding that he must have found a way underneath it.  I came back inside and closed the door.  The crying continued.  Within moments I found him under my couch.  He refused to leave and it took me several minutes to catch him.  Once I had him in my arms and began petting him his cries melted away to loud rumbling purrs.  The next couple days would be a struggle for him.  He was afraid of every movement and noise that was made.  We let him live in our partially finished basement so that he could adjust to the sounds my wild children make.  After a few days he would venture to sleep on the top step by the door to the main house.

He warmed up to me and my husband quickly.  Most likely because we were the calmest and were using treats to help entice him to come to us.  Once he began to trust us we managed to get a better look at him. He was covered in fleas, had ear mites, patches of fur missing, and we were able to inspect his tail to see if it was missing because of injury or genetics.  Overall he was in rough shape.  We scheduled an appointment to get him treated, learn an approximate age, and more about him.  We also were sure to treat the basement and wash anything that he had come in contact with.  We learned that he was a 12 week old Manx and perfectly healthy minus the bug infestation.  Bathed and treated we brought him back to his new forever home.

He has been living here for a month now and has full range of the house.  He follows us around everywhere we go and only sleeps in a room that has someone else in it.  The only time he cries now is when he wants something.  Usually food or if for some reason the basement door has been closed he will cry at the basement door until it is opened.  We decided to leave his litter box down stairs to keep the scent of it out of the main house.  He has only had once accident in the house and that occurred the first couple days he was here, otherwise he uses it without fail.  He still can be a bit skiddish around the children, but it improves each day that they run around the house.  His favorite spot to sleep is right here with me by my keyboard.  His second name is keyboard cat with his first being Callie Starfish.





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