Running on E

I am out of printer ink yet again.  This seems like something small and insignificant, but it is amazing the halt that it can put on ones day.  I print on average 55 pages of PowerPoint presentations for my Anatomy and Physiology class each week.  This doesn’t include the must be typed homework or study guides that are posted, or any other material for any other class.  In fact the printer threatened me today into buying a new cartridge and paper if I wanted to continue to study the way that has been working for me.  Damn electronics always think they know what is best for you.

So here I am staring at a wall of cartridges unable to trigger the information tucked away in my neurons that should snap at any moment now to tell me what number cartridge is meant for me.  Many moments have passed leading to this impromptu beginning of a new post.  I have decided that since my brain is being of no use to me that I will trust another thing, my gut, and grab the 126.  Wish me luck.  My future test score is counting on this.

We have now arrived at a new location.  I am now sitting in a dark, quiet classroom that tempts you to take a power nap before the teacher arrives if it was not for the loud slamming door that occurs every thirty seconds.  We have a homework assignment that I finished this morning, but whether or not it gets collected is a mystery.  You never know which ones she will collect and which one she will act like never existed.  It really is quite annoying.  If I am going to do the homework I want to get the credit for it!!  The lights are turning on.

Today’s lecture was even more boring than the last and my Dr. Pepper could not even keep up with helping me look alert and perky.  I still managed to politely, falsely, laugh at the professor’s lame jokes, but I am not sure I retained any real information.  What I did learn was that the class average is extremely low and this discovery  has encouraged the professor to add additional quizzes onto our weekly class visits! Ugh. It just seems like a punishment to me since I have only made A’s on all the assignments.

This concludes your day in the life with me during classes today, but just you wait for  my next story!


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