There is all this crime in the world.  In fact you can not even turn on your TV without hearing about some horrible thing that has happened, but most of us take a deep breathe of relief that it did not happen to them or around them.  This is not one of those stories.  This is about crime that has happened to me.  Actually it might sound familiar to you because it has happened to me before over a year ago.  I am beginning to think that maybe I have some bad karma working itself out from another life or maybe even this one.

We have once again been broken into.  This time it was likely a guy,tweaked on drugs, walking by who happened to stumble upon an unlocked car.  I will admit that we have become a little bit relaxed and locking car doors does not happen 100% of the time.  Whether or not this is how the perp got into the car is unknown, but I will not rule it out as a possibility.  Once in the car you can find the built in garage door opener.  Click and you are in to a workshop filled with hundreds of hundreds dollar tools and machinery.   It is like the car basically invites you to go into the garage.  Usually the car is parked in the garage, but last night it was not.

All in all not a lot was taken.  An old GPS system that has not been used in years, roughly 18 dollars worth of quarters, nickles, dimes, and pennies, and some older tools from the garage are now missing.  The higher end items, more expensive items, seemed to be left alone.  In fact, it seems that whoever was shuffling through the car and garages made a conscience effort to place things back as neatly as possible.  If it was not for a couple misplaced items the break in might have gone unnoticed for a little bit especially since what was taken was not things that we use on a regular basis.

I had a police officer come by and am currently in process of filling out a report.  He was young and not very reassuring that someone won’t come back to take the higher end items.  He seemed a bit miffed by it all especially since we live on the “good” side of town.  He is the one that believes that we were targeted because we made it easy – leaving an unlocked car.  Which I won’t deny, because it is possible.  He will be returning tomorrow to pick up the report.  Hopefully I will not need another one before then!

Breaking Down Home Break-ins  - Worried about crime in your new neighborhood?  Here are some excellent tips that will help you prevent home break-ins.:


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