Back of the Class

Today my anatomy class has been relocated to another room in the building.  The notification for the move came minutes before class should have started and was relayed by some saggy pan construction workers supporting each other on a ladder while working on the ceilings. Unfortunately for me the class was moved to a room located on a different level which means taking the stairs.

Normally the idea of stairs is welcomed, but today on the way to school I managed to misstep on our stepping stone sidewalk severely spraining my ankle.  I was spotted face planting into the ground by a passing EMS Truck.  They immediately jumped out to come to my aid making sure someone was in the house to help me regain my steps.  I gave them permission to go right into the house and get my husband.  When my husband came out they were already on a first name basis since they work in a related field and he released them to go onto the call they had.  During this five minute chat my ankle had doubled in size.

I decided to go to class despite my injury.  There was an assignment due today that I was not allowed to turn in late or by email, otherwise I would have stayed home.  Before I got into my car I grabbed an ice pack and some strings of yellow yarn to tie around my ankle during the drive.  I popped a few Advil sighing in relief that I would not have to walk far to class or have to use the stairs, although, karma had a different idea in mind.

charcot marie tooth injuries | Ankle Injuries: More than just an annoyance.:

I made it to class with little to no struggle biting through the pain.  I found a seat in the second row of the new classroom even though the doors were in the back.  I watched as the classroom filled in from back to front, each seat in the last row being seductively looked by multiple people at once.  This continued for a few minutes until finally people were forced to sit in the second row with me.  The first row remained empty.

I feel that there is a certain stigma that comes with the seat you choose.  It is as if the level of focus or care for the subject is determined by the seat you decide to claim for the semester as your own.  With that being said, the nerds always tend to sit up front and the slackers towards the back or that is what years of media, movies, cartoons, comics, and books have taught us.  I believe that some truth lies with this as I, someone who sits in the front half of the classroom, always makes good grades.  I do not really know if anyone in the back row are making A’s but for now I will just continue sitting like a gimpy nerd in the front of the class. ]




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