YUCK! Up and Out.

As we start to move passed the urgency and main news of the medical side of things I will give you a quick update and any general overall concerns with it.  I have almost reached the point of being completely and 100% pain free 100% of the time and have adjusted to this new diet moderately well with a few exceptions of course!  In fact, let me tell you a quick little story.

The other day I had a craving for a fried chicken sandwich.  I knew that this could be a bad idea, but the craving was so intense that I figured if my body did not want to have it it would not ask for it!  I gave in and ate the sandwich and it was delicious.  I got into my car afterwards and started to drive down the road only to find myself with intense stomach pain, sweats, and the uncontrollable urge to throw up my recently ate sandwich.  I panicked while driving and jerked my car into and over the side of a curb.  It was loud scaring me and anyone who was within earshot.  I felt humiliated for making such a careless move, but in all fairness I was beginning to violently upchuck my meal and pulling over to the side to expel seemed like the best option.

I was wrong.  I wish that I had decided to just let it all out right on me because the hit to the curb caused some minor damage to the car.  The plastic part that covers all the metal part goodies underneath scrapped the curb removing some of the bolt heads off it.  This caused it to fall far enough down that it would scrape the ground as I drove.  I was lucky that a nice mechanic with tools in his car came to my aid removing the piece and checking for any other damage.  As far as we could tell there was not.  I guess you can say that I will not try any new food dares when doing tasks such as driving.

My poor car with it’s bug graveyard on full display!

This is one of the harder things about the new lifestyle – the adjustment period.  You want to eat the things you love and the things that are bad for you even though you know that you shouldn’t.  I know, it is so horrible to have to be forced to eat a healthy, nutritious, and a fat free diet that will better your overall health.  WELL it is!  I miss cheeseburgers!  I miss ice cream! I miss a lot!  I am still pretty fresh out of the surgery so I still have time for my body to adjust to some foods, but in general “bad, fatty foods” will always be questionable for my digestion.  My body is adjusting to everything that the surgery caused.  Not just food related incidents, but also physical changes.  I have a new  chemical balance, which I was told changed my general smell, and I am still detoxing things roughly through my skin because I lack the aid of my gallbladder.  My body as well as my stomach need more time to adjust and find it’s way back to processing things.  I wish it would hurry up and maybe give me back ice cream!?


One thought on “YUCK! Up and Out.

  1. Those transitions can be hard! Looks like you’re between a rock and a hard place – what your body craves based on based eating habits, and what you can actually eat. Stick to your regime for a while and slowly branch out!

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