One Eyed Meanie

One Eyed Meanie

So far our first Vanlife problem has only been a headlight. We rolled into gas station on our way back from Spokane and found that our headlight was out.

A headlight. Sweet, just a headlight.

It’s not a real story of heroics or clever spontaneity to get us out of a tight spot. Nope, just a headlight. We went to Baxter’s Auto Parts, got a replacement, and then took care of it with some basic tools.

I say we, but JC did a lot of the work. When it comes to taking things apart I am quite handy. When it comes to putting things back together you need someone in your life like JC. She is patient, she is methodical, and she has a barrage of technical skills that make her aptly suited for mechanical work. When it comes to gender roles, JC and I swap on a lot of them. (And I’m not ashamed to say it)

This reminds me; make sure you always have a tool box or some variety of handy tools on you at all times. You never know when the problem is going to be something bigger than a missing headlight!

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