Who Are We?

Narrative Roots: Unconventional Lifestyles

Welcome to the greatest experiment in the history of online literature.

We all have a narrative. It is the river of our memories flowing together into the story that makes up who we are today. We have battled raging rapids and calm interludes.

Narrative Roots is a lifestyles blog authored by two writers whom live exceptionally different lives. Read our stories as they weave through totally independent narratives. Observe the stark differences (and similarities) in experience, tone, reactions, morality, and emotion. Live the minutia of daily life through our separate perspectives and use us as a way to gain appreciation and understanding for your fellow humans.

The variations in narratives and the challenges that are faced and overcome by these three uniquely different people will keep you captivated and coming back for more! Check back every couple days for a new branch of the tree budding from these Narrative Roots.

Meet the authors:

Karpidiem: KD

Karpidiem and the kids are heavily involved in the community as she tries to balance life while finding her footing and happiness in the world.   Her family, always ready to leave at a moment’s notice for job relocation, has mastered the art of starting over and blending into a new community.  KD tries to make sense of the circumstances the universe throws at her handfuls at a time while smiling for those around her.  Follow her narrative of a jampacked family life through the eyes of a mother that thinks outside the box and strives daily to keep her family functioning at peak efficiency; then life happens.

The Karp – Vanlife Renegade

After his time in Ukraine with the Peace Corps, and then his time away in China, Karp came back to America a broken man. Upon returning home his marriage fell into shambles and he was forced to find a new job in a new city away from everything that was once familiar.  Keep up with Karp as he muddles through new job training, new social groups, hobbies, activities, and recreational proclivities to help expand his mind. Karp’s unique blend of comics, humor, and emotion will keep you on the edge of your keyboard as you watch him transition into a new life that will keep him solvent and get him back on the road to writing. And, speaking of roads, explore his story as he and his girlfriend move into a 1981 Volkswagen Westfalia and try to make #Vanlife work with a 9-5 office job.



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